How do we do an SEO campaign

Definition:  An advertorial is a form of advertising in an online publication, newspaper or any other type of website, which is intended to promote certain products or to serve a linkbuilding campaign for an SEO campaign, in the form of an article . Usually a certain company or a brand that wants to become better known, pays a publisher to write and publish this advertorial.

To make a simpler description, we can say that an advertorial is a paid article, which appears in certain online newspapers, blogs or other content sites that aim to promote a product or place links for SEO purposes.

For the seo part, an advertorial is useful when it comes to the subject of the site. A good example is that if you sell bicycles, for example, it would be best to bring links from sites that talk about bicycles, this being the strongest for your niche, in terms of SEO. Of course, the advertorials on general or news sites also help, as they are very well seen by google.

An SEO advertorial is much more detailed than a simple ad, which helps consumers better understand the details about the product or service in question.

Do we also write articles?

To answer this question simply, we say yes, but we must mention that the price of the advertorials in the list does NOT include writing articles, these being at the price of 7 euros an article of 500 words, or custom price for articles with special requirements.

Are adverts marked “P” or “Advertising”?

Some publications have chosen that the SEO advertorials posted on their site contain these bookmarks, but most sites on the list do not use these bookmarks. Those who use them are the big sites, the well-known publications that are forced to use this practice.

Google does not agree with this promotion time, but if it is done correctly, we can avoid potential penalties from Google. Some important points by which we can avoid this problem:

1.  We must diversify as much as possible.  Although the definition of the advertorial tells us to write directly about it, it would be ideal to avoid this, and the article to be a useful one in which we are only mentioned somewhere in a paragraph.

2.  We have to use the linkbuilding part as smartly as possible , and this means that we have to diversify again. Let’s say we want to promote “summer shoes”, this does not mean that in all the links we post this term appears, we can diversify by “click here” or “this site” or even with a naked link (we put a link on the name direct site), and for google this link is enough to understand that the site where I posted the SEO advertorial wants to recommend us.

3.  Try to have different topics between articles.  If we post 5 advertorials with the same subject, even if the link is different, we don’t do very well in the eyes of those from google

4.  The time period between the publication of advertorials should be as long as possible , preferably a maximum of 1-2 publications per week.

Although google is unpredictable, combining all these points can save you penalties and lead you to an SEO campaign.